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The present phase of Ukrainian development accentuates the problem of training well-educated, harmoniously developed individuals, able to increase their theoretical knowledge and to improve practical skills, to display professional mobility and capable of rapid adaptation to the changes in market conditions and production relations.

VNTU offers principally new approaches to organization of educational and practical students' training and creation of new atmosphere of relations between institutions for higher education and enterprises and organizations of different forms of property.

The above is achieved by the following:

  • providing students with workings professions during first two courses, which correlate with their future engineering specialities (license of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for 18 professions (application for license));
  • monitoring of labour market in the regions of Ukraine, thorough study of the employers' requirements in different fields of economy and agriculture concerning practical skills and knowledge of modern information;
  • creation of students' educational and industrial centers;
  • employment of second and third year students on the vacant positions on enterprises, organizations and firms of different forms of property where they cover working trimesters within a certain period, determined by the time schedule of educational process and in accordance with the students' working professions and labour legislation of Ukraine;
  • taking scientific, research, design and technology practicum in SRI and university laboratories by four year students;
  • taking practice in places of probable future employment by undergraduate students;
  • advancing specific knowledge of managers and professionals in different spheres of economy by improving their qualification and staff retraining;
  • involvement of employers in real participation in discussion and development of curricula and educational programs, controlling knowledge and practical skills of students through participation in the State Examination Committee and etc.

Manufacturing activities during working trimester enable students not only to improve practical skills and improve qualification, but also favors the formation of professional skills which are required for accepting challenges which the young specialists may face with in future.

Combination of students working trimester with undergraduate practice creates conditions for full awareness of possibilities of each of the parties, which, in turn, is significant for the determination of the training period, its specificity, as well as the role and place of the young specialist at work or in business.

Extended experience has confirmed the substantiality of the new forms of education, which fully meet the basic principles of integration with European education space, European standards in higher technical education and, as a result, create better initial possibilities for University students in winning the labor market.

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