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All the University students during the first two training years master workings professions which conform with their future engineering specialities, in accordance with the License of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (their full list is enclosed in the appendix to the license).

During the third trimester the first year students acquire practical skills in University laboratories and workshops.

During the fifth trimester the sophomores take a qualifying examination on working profession and get the diploma of the skilled worker.

Within the terms stipulated for by the curricula (sophomores - 6 trimester, 3 year students - 8 trimester) the students take the working trimester on enterprises, on organizations and firms of different forms of properties in accordance with their workings professions and current labor legislation.

In the end of the workings trimesters students have to pass tests on their manufacturing activities.

Fourth year students take scientific, research, engineering and design practicum in SRI and University laboratories.

Fifth year students take undergraduate practice in the places of their possible employment.

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