Historical reference

The idea of training and production integration is taken from the best Universities in Canada and the United States. Its introduction into the training process in Vinnytsia Polytechnic Institute began in 1991 following the scheme “student – worker – Bachelor, engineer, Master” with the creation of the Faculty for Training and Production Integration (FTPI), which allowed to work out the necessary conditions for getting practical skills together with theoretical knowledge. The faculty was run by Anatoliy Hraban - Ph. D. in Engineering, Associate Professor.

Later, in April of 1992, a new department, run by Viktor Mizernyy - Ph. D. in Engineering, Associate Professor, joined the faculty.

In December of 2000, with an aim of advancing training and manufacturing integration in the University structure, there was created the scientific and training Institute for Training and Production Integration. It was based on FTPI and the existing faculties for improving qualification and staff retraining.

Director of the Institute is Viktor Mizernyy - Ph. D. in Engineering, Professor.

The main objective of InTPI functioning is to provide conditions for combination of theoretical and practical experience in training and adaptation of students in accordance with the requirements of the modern manufacturing; merging of creativity of manufacturers, university staff and students; qualification improvement and retraining of personnel for various industries.

The Institute is developing dynamically. Recently there were created several educational and industrial centers, staffs of which perform a significant amount of work on modernization and reconstruction of material and technical base of the University.

Center “Building Technologies” began to operate in 2005. Center “Special Technologies” appeared in the year of 2008, “Innovative Technologies” - in 2009, Student Design Office - in 2010.

Operation of centers is ensured by efforts of students and masters of industrial education.

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